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Camp Verde Ghost Tours

Venture into the Spirit World in Camp Verde!

Quick Details

Adult 13+
Child 5-12

Venture into the Spirit World in Camp Verde!

Before heading off into the sunset, we’ll see spirits of the past through orbs that inhabit our world. You will learn how to use dowsing rods to detect and perhaps even interact with the spirit world.  When the local spirits come out of hiding to join us, we might not see them with the naked eye but often they’ll show up in photos. We’ll look through the lens to see whether spirits are joining us. So, be sure to bring your cameras.

Be respectful as you enter the territory of the local spirits. Tread softly. We don’t want to challenge or provoke the spirits. In addition, to the pioneers, we seek to honor the memories of the countless lives cut short during the forced move and genocide of the Yavapai and Tonto Apache Tribes. We need to respect those who may still dwell here.  Although we’re unlikely to see them, don’t forget there were violent people who may still hang out here. As in life, so in death.

On this tour, we walk for approximately a mile, so wear comfortable shoes, and don’t forget your camera! Sometimes it gets colder than a pawnbroker’s smile in the desert when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring a jacket or sweater just in case.